Our history

Dr. Abdull Rahman Shamout

  • 1993The love for private label since 1993

    In 1993, Dr. Abdull Rahman Shamout founded the company in Augustdorf, manufactured water-based bitumen products exclusively in private label area. This has always been the basis of our company philosophy, because Dr. Shamout was convinced that by specializing on private label business, long-term partnerships are possible.

  • 2007Supraregional growth

    In 2007 the company expanded and founded Bitüm Technik Izolasyon in Sakarya, Turkey. This opened up new continents and markets. Through the international appearance, markets and cooperation in Arab and Asian countries became possible.

  • 2016Second generation relies on innovation and growth

    In 2016, Dr Fadi Shamout joined the management team while completing his PhD in organic and polymer chemistry. He then led large collaborative projects in Dubai and Poland and developed new products in research and development. Since then, the family business has been on a steady growth path.
  • 2017Go to Kasachstan

    In 2017, Satex GmbH was founded in Aqtau, Kazakhstan, due to the high demand in Asia. The Kazakhstan location enabled raw material trading with bitumen.

  • 2020Bitutec Private Label is born

    2020 - Foundation of BITUTEC Private Label GmbH in Büren, Germany. This is the first step for the connection of the then still independent companies. BITUTEC becomes the basic name for all internationally operating companies.
  • TODAYSustainable growth and development of the group

    Today BITUTEC Private Label GmbH produces and sells bitumen products of all kinds on several continents. We are proud to be an independent family company with German origins. Putting trust in others and in our corporate values is the basis for our success.

Dr. Fadi Shamout