Bitumen Tape

Highly adhesive and robust cold self-adhesive (KSK) bitumen membrane for waterproofing and protection of surfaces in contact with the ground and building components. Effectively protects against ground moisture, non-standing seepage water and non-pressurised water. It can also be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces, foundations, terraces, under screeds, etc. and as a water vapour barrier.

Produkteigenschaften Technische Daten Verpackungseinheit
Solvent Free Strength 1 mm and 1,5 mm or on request On request
Crack-bridging, self-adhesive and strong adhesion Weight depends on products
Resistant to weathering and external physical and chemical influences Application Temperature: -5°C - 40°C
Immediately waterproof
Can be used for repair work or as reinforcement
Easy handling
Polymer Bitumen on strong HDPE-Folie
Vapor proof


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